The Ocular Surface Case Series is a quarterly video segment featuring experts in the area of ocular surface disease who discuss recent studies and their clinical experience. Christopher E. Starr, MD, FACS, of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York moderates this series and shares his pearls for treating the ocular surface.


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Episode 6: Using a Dispersive OVD Inside a Clear Corneal Incision to Seal It

by Barry Schechter MD, Christopher Starr MD

In the sixth episode of Eyetube Journal Club, Christopher Starr, MD, FACS, is joined by Barry Schechter, MD, FAAO, director of the department of cornea and external disease at the Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute. After noticing that some cataract incisions continued to leak despite stromal irrigation of their edges with saline, Dr. Schechter investigated alternative options to placing a suture using readily available materials that would not add a significant cost to the procedure. Here, he reviews the study in which he used a dispersive OVD inside the clear corneal incision to ensure a watertight closure.

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