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Introduction from Dr. Colvard

D. Michael Colvard, editor and a principal contributor, introduces the video supplement of the textbook “Achieving Excellence in Cataract Surgery.”

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This is such an amazing series of videos step by step especially for the beginners ...thank you so much

(43 months ago)

Dear Colward, I am Dr. Seneadza. I am trying to view this excellent teaching video but due to poor internet connection I am unable to see it. Is there way I can get the hard copies of this wonderful the videos Dr. Asiwome Seneadza Kitwe Central Hospital Eye Department P.O. Box 20969 Kitwe, Zambia

Seneadza (115 months ago)


afify238 (119 months ago)

very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

afify238 (119 months ago)

Hay friend i like your content its very nice but i wanna know more about something if you tell me some more info.about this its nice.

perth (125 months ago)


faran (126 months ago)


drsnn (127 months ago)

Hi Dr. Colvard

professor (128 months ago)

Are you in training, Mark? Mike Colvard

Mike Colvard (128 months ago)

I see we can save videos to a library. how do I do this? Do I need a specific program>

mark jacoby (128 months ago)

Thank you very much to let me see your exellente job

Bashar (131 months ago)

Congratulations on putting together this great series, Dr. Colvard. Wish I had them available when I was training.

Dylan (134 months ago)