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Repositioning a Luxated Lens

Drs. Amar Agarwal and Dhivya Ashok Kumar present a glued IOL technique which maintains a closed system and minimizes incision size, trauma, surgical time, and intraocular pressure fluctuation. Two partial-thickness scleral flaps (2.5 X 3 mm) are created approximately 1 mm from the limbus diagonally apart. While an assistant holds the tip of the externalized haptic, the surgeon is free to pull the other haptic through the second sclerotomy and tuck the tips of the haptics into scleral tunnels created at the point of externalization with a 26-gauge needle. The scleral flaps and peritomies are closed with fibrin glue.

Comments (6)

Unbelievable technique.Hats off.

Docdebu (52 months ago)

wonderful video

Bhushan (52 months ago)

agrawal is the best

hasafer (52 months ago)

WoW!!!! awesome!

LOC (96 months ago)

Nice video. We had some experience on sclerokeratoplasty(skp), we performed our first cases in the early nineties. Despite very nice early results, we were descouraged because of complications like recurrent hyphema, anterior angle closure, periferal ant. sinequiaes, and graft rejection and failure. We have to remember that J.I. Barraquer was one of the pioneers with this technique

jahg (96 months ago)

holy mackeral. that anterior segment transplant is remarkable. who are these guys?

ranchump (96 months ago)