Late reopening of fibrosed capsule

In this case of a late decentered IOL, the capsulorhexis is carefully extended to allow the lens to be rotated into position.

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Thanks again to Dr Fine for showing such a very interesting video. I would like to ask whether he used a DISPERSIVE ophthalmic viscosurgical device. I would also ask whether he believes there is a maximum interval between the time of cataract surgery and a "late" reopening of the capsular bag. I have just recently performed a IOL exchange in a patient who had cataract surgery 6 years ago using a dispersive OVD. Gianluca Carifi, MD

GlucaCarifi (47 months ago)

I've seen other docs patients who have the edge of the optic in the pupil and they don't see it, why did this one need to be centered? Because of the 'square' edged IOL?

eyeguy1 (71 months ago)