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Bimanual posterior polar cataract

Dr. Fine discusses the importance of maintaining adequate and controlled pressure in cases of posterior polar cataract due the to questionable stability of the posterior capsule. A bimanual technique is used to remove the nucleus.

Comments (1)

nice surgery,still I beleive that any increase of the intralenticular pressure by hydro or visco dissection or delineation caninduce nucleos drop or even trial to crack can do so, My technique for posterior polar cases is todo rehxis, broad tunnel that its edge exceed the posterior polar disc,then through the tunnel wall do hydrodelineation by thattime all the bulk is out,very cautious cortex wash catching from periphery pull to the centre keep it attached to the disc opacity,after mobilisation get it with phaco III,you end with intact capsule with cetral opacity you manage the way u like,however, this way no nucleous drop, even if u have post.caps defect it occurs with no residual cortex,thanks a lot

Dr. mostafa (111 months ago)