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Xen Implantation: Updated Loading System

  Channels: Glaucoma | Posted 7/11/2019

This video demonstrates implantation using the updated Xen Gel Stent loader. We also describe a new technique of using two 6-0 silk episcleral stay sutures to keep the eye still and in primary position. Keeping the eye in primary position has allowed for more consistent placement of the Xen in the subconjunctival space. The reason is when you torque the downward, the Xen needle has to travel longer (more parallel) through the sclera, and when it exits, it has more of a chance to exit into the tenons verses pierce through into the subconjunctival space. With the eye in primary position, there is also less maneuvering, no need for a second instrument, and the angle of the needle is more oblique in relation to the sclera. So when it exits, it exits in a more vertical direction to pierce through the tenons.