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2018 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Meeting

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The Premium IOL Channel: Pitfalls and Prospects

Kendall Donaldson, MD, MS, Andy Corley, Bennett Walton, MD, MBA, Stephen Slade, MD, Steven Dell, MD, Vance Thompson, MD, William Wiley, MD

Combined LASIK and KAMRA Insertion Using the Alcon FS200

Orry Birdsong, MD, Majid Moshirfar MD

Solving Z Crystalens Problem

Steven Siepser MD

Individualized Patient Care with Different Variants of Blended Vision: The Duesseldorf Formula

Detlev Breyer MD, Forian Kretz. MD, Gerd U. Auffarth, MD, PhD, Hakan Kaymak, MD, Karsten Klabe, MD

Combined Kamra and LASIK

William F. Wiley, MD

A Solution for Astigmatism and Presbyopia

Daniel Chang, MD, Eric Donnenfeld, MD

The Right Lens for the Right Patient

Eric Donnenfeld, MD, Farrell "Toby" Tyson, MD, James Loden, MD

Explaining the Value of Premium IOLs

Farrell "Toby" Tyson, MD

Chapter 1: Patient Selection

John Davidson, MD

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