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Advertising Rules of Thumb.

Advertising is key to the success of any practice. If done well, it can generate significant ROI. But what do you say? How often do you say it? Good advertising follows simple rules, no matter the medium.

Clearly state what you bring to the table. Emphasize the benefits that patients receive from the procedure. And your practice. Like great, hassle-free vision. Freedom from glasses. Top-notch service. Flexible financing.

Give them an offer they can't refuse. Include special savings or discounts. Add an offer code for tracking so you know which ad generated which response. Never state the actual price for the procedure. It could start a price war with your competition, not to mention scare off potential patients. Promote the offer loudly in all your advertising.

Give them a deadline. Tie a date in with the offer. "Call by June 15 to save $50 on your procedure." "Visit by May 1 for a FREE screening." It adds a sense of urgency that can make people take action. Faster.

Advertise often. One time won't do it. Multiple times throughout the year, can. Frequency is key to getting your message to register with readers. And it brands your business in the marketplace.

Advertising opens eyes, creates interest and builds practices. Follow the guidelines to improve your bottom line.

Courtesy of Alcon Laboratories