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The Exam - Clarify, Verify, Confirm.

The LASIK consultation gets the patient excited by all the possibilities for vision correction. The exam goes a step further, covering all the details and potential risks.

Suggest a family-friendly exam. Encourage the prospect to bring a friend or family member to the exam. Because they may be frightened, they may miss important information. It's their second pair of eyes and ears.

Meet and clarify. At the exam, the patient sees the work-up technician and OD or MD. Followed by a review of informed consent and pre/post-op instructions. All risks must be fully explained. And the patient fully informed. Never leave the patient confused or concerned.

Test and confirm. Check the health of the eye. Perform a dilated eye exam, internal exam and manifest refraction test. Repeat any tests as indicated from the consultation. Confirm the surgery plan and date. End with a smile, a handshake and reassurance that everything looks good to go.

A 60-minute exam should prepare the patient and your practice for a successful procedure.

Courtesy of Alcon Laboratories