The MOD Pod
The MOD Pod
Episode 31

Economic Forces & Cataract Surgery • Troubleshooting Unhappy Cataract Patients • Oral Meds & COVID-19

In this month's episode, Robert Chu, OD, explains how optometry can help to improve efficiency by participating in perioperative cataract surgery care in the article he co-wrote with his brother Richard Chu, DO (0:45). Kayla Karpuk, OD, offers some tips for helping unhappy cataract surgery patients cross the goal line to 20/happy in the article she cowrote with Justin Schweitzer, OD, FAAO, (9:33) and in the last segment of the episode, Tracy Offerdahl, BSc, PharmD, FAAO, provides an update on oral medications used in the COVID-19 era (16:40).

10/23/2020 | 28:50

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