The MOD Pod
The MOD Pod
Episode 12

Management of Corneal Disease; Allergy Testing Options

Ripped from headlines of the March issue of Modern Optometry! Charles Roseman, OD, FAAO, discusses corneal ectasia after refractive surgery and how the use of multiple imaging modalities and sensible patient selection criteria can reduce the risk of this group of uncommon, noninflammatory eye disorders (1:08). Bita Asghari, OD, FAAO, then reads the article she co-wrote with Scott G. Hauswirth, OD, FAAO, on the management of significant limbal stem cell deficiency with topical immunomodulating medication and scleral lenses (10:44). Finally, it's about that time of year when we start talking about allergies, and last up in this episode is Cecelia Koetting, OD, FAAO, with her article on the role of allergy testing in eye care and what in-office testing options are available (21:04).

3/22/2020 | 27:04

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