New Retina Radio
Episode 9

Anti-VEGF, A Biography: Part 3

This story started in the early days of VEGF's isolation in the 1970s and brought us to the discovery of ranibizumab and bevacizumab in the mid 2000s. The data revealed at the ASRS meeting in 2005 would change retina forever-and usher in a new competitor with a chance to disrupt the landscape yet again.

Don't miss the final episode of this fascinating and important story told by those that lived it. We're bringing back some of the voices you've heard before, and some new ones, too. John D. Pitcher III, MD, invites Bob Avery, MD; David Brown, MD; Jeffrey Heier, MD; Nancy Holekamp, MD; Kirk Packo, MD; Phillip Rosenfeld, MD, PhD; and Bob Vitti, MD, to tell the latest chapter of anti-VEGF's biography.

6/15/2018 | 34:09

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