Podcasts from Eyetube

To The Point

To the Point is a podcast aimed at helping optometrists build their dry eye practices.

Presbyopia Unlocked

Listen to top surgeons discuss the expanding premium IOL landscape and crack the code for selecting presbyopia-correcting technologies.

The MOD Pod

The MOD Pod is a podcast by the new medical trade publication Modern Optometry.

Ophthalmology off the Grid

with Gary Wortz, MD

Open. Outspoken. It's Ophthalmology off the Grid - an honest look at controversial topics in the field.

Informed Consent

with Marguerite McDonald, MD & Ranna Jaraha

Communication is key—especially between physicians and their patients. How can you be sure you are effectively educating your…

Fine Tuned

In this series, cataract surgery experts share their experience on how to communicate effectively with your patients, understand their...

It's All About the Glands

In this podcast, experts in DED management share pearls and advice for optimizing a patient's ocular surface by addressing MGD.

New Retina Radio

With Scott Krzywonos & Greg Nothstein

New Retina Radio is a place to hear stories about retina that are told nowhere else.

Success With LASIK

Hear from expert physicians about their experiences and successes with LASIK surgery in this educational podcast.