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2017 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Meeting



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Retinal Complications Associated With Modern Cataract Surgery

  Channels: Refractive | Posted 4/25/2017

Speaking about his passion for identifying retinal complications associated with modern cataract surgery, Steve Charles, MD, hits on the three main points of his talk. First, he urges cataract surgeons to perform OCT preoperatively on all patients scheduled for cataract surgery, not just premium lens patients. Second, he cautions the retinal surgeon against performing phaco-vitrectomy. Third, in patients who are receiving anti-VEGF injections, he explains that the injections should continue on the same parallel pathway with cataract surgery. The bottom line, Dr. Charles says, is that physicians must pay attention to the retinal complications of modern cataract surgery so that patients get not just the refractive but the visual outcomes they deserve.

Cataract Surgery • Intraoperative OCT

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