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Fine Needle Diathermy Occlusion of Corneal Vessels with Adjunct Anti-VEGF Injections

Majid Moshirfar MD, Trey W. Fanning, BS, Orry Birdsong, MD

Evaluation of Cornea Biomechanics

George O. Waring IV, MD, FACS

Advancements in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Keratoconus

Brandon D. Ayres, MD, George O. Waring IV, MD, FACS , Kathryn M. Hatch, MD, Michael W. Belin, MD, Rajesh K. Rajpal, MD

Explantation of Raindrop® Corneal Shape-Changing Hydrogel Inlay (ReVision Optics)

Aaron T. Gomez, BS, Liliana Werner, MD, PhD, Majid Moshirfar MD, Orry Birdsong, MD, Philip C. Hoopes Jr, MD, Trey W. Fanning, BS

Combining Intacs With Epi-off CXL

Karolinne Rocha, MD, PhD

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