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Navilas Laser with Marcus Kernt, MD and Thomas Neuhann, MD

Marcus Kernt, MD (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich) and Thomas Neuhann, MD (MVZ Prof. Neuhann, Munich) discuss the clinical indications for Navilas navigated laser therapy.

Dr. Kernt also discusses his recently published study in which the Navilas laser was used in combination with anti-VEGF therapy to reduce the treatment burden and stabilize outcomes for DME patients with diabetic macular edema. This video explains the many unique features of the Navilas platform and why it is rapidly gaining acceptance in Europe for the management of retinal disease. Dr. Kernt discusses focal treatments with the laser as well as panretinal photocoagulation, and demonstrates the ease with which the laser is incorporated into practice. Professor Neuhann speaks to the safety and efficacy of treatments with the Navilas platform and discusses its role in today's retinal practice.



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