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iTrack Roundtable: Studies Validate the Efficacy of MIGS Procedure

Channels: Glaucoma

Respected glaucoma surgeons summarize data from various studies that show ABiC with iTrack (Ellex) provides a significant reduction in IOP and medication use when used in combination with cataract surgery as well as a standalone procedure.

ABiC • Ellex • Intraocular Pressure, IOP • Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) • MIGS • MIGS

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ABiC™ is a new, comprehensive MIGS procedure that flushes out the natural outflow channels, without damaging tissue, and without leaving behind a stent or shunt. Based on the same dilation principles of traditional Canaloplasty but via a simplified and much faster surgical approach, ABiC™ is the only MIGS procedure that successfully and comprehensively addresses all aspects of potential outflow resistance. ABiC™ is also fast and easy to perform and can be successfully combined with phacoemulsification in order to make the best use of time in the operating room.

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