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Retinal Detachment Secondary to Stickler Syndrome (Part 3)

  Channels: 3D | Posted 11/27/2017

This is the third installment of a three part video series showing repair of a retinal detachment secondary to Stickler Syndrome. The last video showed how to get out of trouble in the posterior portion of the vitrectomy. Here, Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD, presents a case of a subretinal band that appears as a wrinkle and goes beneath the macular center. The patient's fellow eye is only 20/100. Initially, a drainage retinitomy was performed to permit access under the retina to grasp the subretinal band but the retina was so mobile. A partial perflurorcarbon fill allows the surgeon to perform a peripheral vitrectomy, then the subretinal band is removed with Grieshaber Maxgrip Forceps (Alcon). Part one is available here and Part two is available here.

GRIESHABER MAXGRIP Forceps • Retina • Retinal detachment, RD • Retinotomy • Silicone Oil

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