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Disaster Strikes: A Technique for Scleral Suturing a Single-Piece Multifocal

  Channels: Cataract Surgery, Refractive | Posted 1/19/2017

This case poses numerous challenges when a patient presents to Michael Patterson, DO, with a decentered multifocal. Shortly after the procedure is started it is realized the posterior capsule was absent and the lens had been placed in the sulcus previously. The patient only wanted a premium lens and we do not have a great option of a 3 piece multifocal. Decision was made to explant the existing lens, and suture fixate using a cow-hitch or girth-hitch fixation technique on the haptics. The lens was able to be centered nicely with this approach.

Ahmed Micro-Graspers • ASICO • Cataract Surgery • Cataracts • Dislocated IOL, subluxed IOL • Fibrin glue • Glued IOL • MST (MicroSurgical Technology) • Multifocal IOLs • Osher Y Hook • Scleral-fixated IOL • Suturing • Tecnis Multifocal IOL • TISSEEL Fibrin Sealant, glue

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