Ultrachopper: The New Era in Cataract Surgery

Luis Jose Escaf, Victor J. Rojas, Virgilio Galvis, and Alejandro Tello present the Ultrachopper system. The phaco tip of the Ultrachopper is flattened and angulated with a downward bend which, coupled with torsional energy, behaves like an ultrasonic knife.

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Today I tried the Ultrachopper and it went trought a brunescent cataract as if it were butter. Congratulations Dr. Escalf !!!

marcos (48 months ago)

looks like it may have its uses. http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf9/K091777.pdf

eyeguy1 (52 months ago)

THE Ultrachopper will be marketed by Alcon, YOU CAN ASK THEM DIRECTLY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST

escaf (55 months ago)

Thank you Dr Escaf .How to have this ultrachoper and how much it costs

ATHANASIOS (55 months ago)

Congratulations Dr Escaf and in my dreams this new chopper is very cheap. édion sp brazil

Edion (55 months ago)

I am still impressed by Dr. Escaf'snew approach to a succsesful phaco, especially in hard nucleus. Since I have the oportunity to witness Dr.escaf's techique I am sure it will improve our results. Congratulations Dr Escaf on your achievement and contribution to better phaco. Walter Sànchez Humala MD

wally (55 months ago)

it is fantastic i am in syria how to have this ultrachoper and how much it costs

Ophthalmic (55 months ago)

i like divide and conquer and then separating the pieces with the ernest nucleus cracker- it works every time. but i can see the advantage of this tip in very hard nuclei

ranchump (56 months ago)

I had the opportunity to use some of the early and advanced prototypes of the Ultrachopper. It has been of great help, especially with those dark “rock” nucleus that are so common in South America. It is the only instrument that allows me to “stab” the nucleus and cut it in both forward and backward directions, with minimal stress to the zonula and no turbulence at all, during the critical disassembly of these challenging cases. Congratulations to Luis Escaf for this amazing breakthrough in cataract surgery. Eduardo Viteri, MD

Ed/Viteri (56 months ago)

Dr. Escaf, et al: Thank you for the fine video on the UltraChopper. It is not released yet in the U.S., and I sure could have used one yesterday. I also greatly appreciate your video on the use of AquaLase on a hard nucleus. Your technique nicely demonstrated how this technology can be used on a dense cataract. Vladimir Troubilin, MD, Moscow, a few years ago referred to the technique as "Crack and Cram". I couldn't have said it better. Best Regards, Hugh Canelli National Surgical Consultant - Cataracts Alcon Surgical

Hugh Canelli (56 months ago)