Pearls for Adherent Cortex

Cortex can be especially difficult to remove if there is epinucleus still attached to the cortex. Robert Osher, MD, demonstrates how to approach recalcitrant cortex in this unedited video.

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Hi Dr. Bob Osher, an alternative after losen that kind of hard epinucleus, is remove with the faco tip instead with the IA tip. Whe save time and is very safety. Thanks, Rogério Horta

rhorta (38 months ago)

Push the central cortex off the capsule by injecting a heavy OVD. This usually works well to visco-dissect the thin cortex off the capsule. Once the central capsule is relatively clear, insert the IOL. With the lens in, one can be much more aggressive with aspirating the cortex. With prolene loop IOL's, spinning the lens will also help to loosen cortex.

F. Orlando (39 months ago)

Hi ,with bi manual technique it`s much easier

Dr. mostafa (39 months ago)

Dear Dr. Osher: Why not use a J shaped cannula on BSS syringe to wash out the cortex from the fornix? Boris Ovodenko

Boris (40 months ago)