Tear Film Phaco

Christopher Starr, MD, presents a his favorite pearl from 2010 called Tear Film Phaco. Tear Film Phacoemulsification is devised for eradicating bothersome and potentially dangerous ocular surface meibum and debris before cataract surgery.

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A thorough face and eyelid wash by soap and water before surgery helps a lot and then cleaning with johnsons bud and copious amounts of bss does the trick.

Vipan (51 months ago)

thats exactly what i do.

ranchump (51 months ago)

the phaco energy is unnecessary. I have used a "macro-wash" for years to clear this noisome oil from the surface. simply remove the cannula from the irrigating BSS bottle or syringe and flush the surface aggressively. works every time!

Paul Arnold (51 months ago)

i want my 2 minutes back

dfb (51 months ago)

Chris - thank you for sharing! Bill T.

WTrattler (52 months ago)

I clean mines with methylcellulose, I begin in the center, pushing all the debris toward the fornices, it creates a continuous layer of clean, sterile and magnifying surface. You donĀ“t need to irrigate the cornea during the surgery. I use it if dirty tear film, small pupil, irregular surface, dry surface, difficult rexis, complicated surgery, recording, and I repeat before IOL injection in any endophtalmitis risk patient.

marcos (53 months ago)

i suspect the ultrasound does nothing- its the wide jet stream of bss.

ranchump (53 months ago)

i clean all my corneas before the incision with a johnson bud with continuous irrigation....does wonders to keep the corneal clarity and remove any debris from the surface...

drniketu (53 months ago)

thanks for the tip. but how dose US help in removing the debris

aamias (53 months ago)

my pearl?- i remove the cannula from the bss bottle and squirt the surface of the eye vigorously from the nose temporally. this always works to clear the tear film. i do it in about 1/4 of my cases- as you can see in the video, the jet stream from the bss cannula does not remove the meibum and debris, as the jet stream is too narrow. the mouth of the bss container is nice and wide and the rush of bss clears everything.

ranchump (53 months ago)


Kouros (53 months ago)

doesnt play

ranchump (53 months ago)