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Lymphatics in Glaucoma Surgery

  Channels: Glaucoma | Posted 6/19/2013

Daljit Singh, MS, FAMS, DSC, illustrates the importance of lymphatics in the management of aqueous humour. There are channels in the cornea. The "lucid interval" as seen in cases of arcus senilis is actually a sinusoidal channel. The corneal network of channels opens there. The "Lucid interval" channel is connected to the limbal and conjunctival lymphatics. The conjunctival lymphatics can be visualised under a slit lamp microscope,by visualising blood in lymphatics as well as by trypan blue dye injection. It is suggested that whole of the anterior segment of the eye has an interconnected network of lymphatics. Lymphatics need to be saved during glaucoma surgery, else a fibrotic reaction sets in, which leads to a failure of filtration surgery.


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