Penetrating Keratoplasty and Scleral Fixation IOL

Ayman Shouman, MD, FRCS, and Dalia Galal, MD, FRCS, present a case of a combined PK and scleral fixation IOL. The patient is a 65-year-old psuedophakic male with an anterior chamber iris-captured IOL and bullous keratopathy. Scleral fixation of the IOL is accomplished through a reversed scleral pockets without conjunctival opening.

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Comments (5)

any risk of suture exposure with this technique. it will be difficult to rotate the sutures with this tech of SF IOL

Bhushan (27 months ago)


yehiam (40 months ago)

Beautiful surgery Ayman. Well done!

asallam (40 months ago)

Also we can fixate it with 9/0 prolene as its biodegradability takes longer time than 10/0 but it is not available in Egypt

Shouman (40 months ago)

Great technique Dr. Shouman, but I think the intrascleral fixation is better in the long term as to avoid possible IOL luxation in the future 5-10 years

ZMario (41 months ago)