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Simultaneous LASIK and KAMRA Inlay Surgeries

  Channels: Laser Vision Correction, Refractive | Posted 5/23/2016

This is another variation of simultaneous LASIK KAMRA surgery that was recently described by Dr. Luke Rebenitsch where the ablation treatment is done first, and then the KAMRA inlay is placed second. Overall, we believe that is a better approach than previous approaches to simultaneous LASIK and inlay surgeries because we can be sure that the laser ablation treatment is done the way that we have already done it before in respect to the visual axis or pupil. With this method we need to be worried that the ablation is going to be centered with respect to the cornea inlay.
More importantly, if for any reason the stromal bed is not completely smooth, you do not have to proceed with the surgery and you can postpone it for another time. We truly think that creating the pocket and giving the patient 20-30 minutes time to vent while we are conducting LASIK treatment on the contralateral eye gives us enough time to make sure that all the air is vented from the corneal pocket and allows a better chance of creating a flap with a good stromal bed during flap creation.
No doubt the patient will be marked twice, once for the inlay pocket creation and once again for the the LASIK flap repositioning, but we feel that this way we know that our treatment is always with respect to the pupil or the visual axis depending on the surgeon’s technique.

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