Multifocal Glued IOL

This ophthalmic video shows the implantation of a multifocal IOL with the aid of a glued technique. The haptics are externalized and tucked through scleral tunnels. Fibrin glue seals the scleral flaps. Dr. Agarwal presents a lens coloboma case in which a glued IOL is implanted for additional stability.

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Comments (6)

good technique. how much time fibrin glue will take to have a maximum strength.

mateen (29 months ago)

Is the fibrin glue really necessary? I know it saves time, but why not just suture the scleral flaps down with 10-0 nylon suture and close the conjunctiva with Vicryl wing sutures?

ghtanaka (53 months ago)

I will like to know how long must the partial thikness scleral tunel for the haptics must be? with a 26 gauge needle but... how long? Congradulations for this fantastic tecnic y am looking foward to leave the sutured iol tecnic. Thank you Dr Agarwal for this incredible tecnic,

martin (55 months ago)

my point was more regarding the retina--higher risk of cme in this case

ranchump (56 months ago)

This is a wonderful technique which provides lot of stability to the lens.So i think, there is no chance for dissatisfaction on the part of the patient. Thanks Dr. Amar Agarwal for giving this wonderful and innovative technique to the world.

PriyaNarang (56 months ago)

one has to be impressed with the skill here, but i think implanting a multifocal in this eye is not appropriate--unless the patient s not paying for it. otherwise, one is taking a big chance that the patient will be very dissatisfied.

ranchump (56 months ago)