Mature Cataract

Omar Barrada, MD, demonstrates how to disassemble and remove a mature cataract with a brunescent nucleus using a microcoaxial technique. This video highlights the surgical pearls needed to successfully and safely tackle hard cataracts from staining of the anterior capsule to polishing the posterior capsule.

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very good fluidic control and patient co-operation , it need retrobulbar block ?

Prasertc (29 months ago)


driyasar (29 months ago)

Sure ranchump62, but a smaller rhexis makes chopping and also delivery the nuclear fragments more difficult. A larger rhexis allows you to occlude the fragment, partially prolapse it outside the bag and chop as you please.

Dr. Barrada (36 months ago)

a large rhexis is nice, but may very well be hard to control. i like making a small one, do initial phaco, then enlarge it.

ranchump62 (36 months ago)