Bubble Wrap Retinopathy

Gwen Cousins, MD, and Stanislav Zhuk, MD, present the case of a 15-year old male with total retinal detachment and numerous retinal macrocysts. Despite placing a scleral buckle and removing all of the vitreous traction, the retina was not flattening due to the large cysts. The cysts on the outter retina surface were popped with the cutter, laser was applied, and silicone tamponade was placed.

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At the end of your surgery, the subretinal cysts were still seen towards the equator, its amazing the retina still attached! !, did those cycts disappear i the post op period.

roy (56 months ago)

Three months post-operative, the patient's retina remains flat in this left eye. His corrected visual acuity OS has ranged from 20/25 - 20/50 with silicon oil! His vision had declined from 20/25 to 20/50 with the development of premacular membranes. His right eye has a vision of hand motion with a mature white cataract after repair of a retinal detachment several years ago outside of our facility. B-scan of the right eye shows the retina to be flat. As his left eye is now stable, I have recommended surgical removal of the mature cataract from his right eye so that I may assess the health of his retina.

Gwen Cousins (57 months ago)

? 20/25 with silicone oil

arab (58 months ago)

Pretty amazing that he had only 1 day of symptoms with such chronic-appearing retinal changes.

waynelo (58 months ago)

Patient is now 3 weeks post-operation, and his corrected VA is 20/25! His predisposing lesion is not known. There were no signs of lattice nor evidence of trauma or Stickler's disease. There was extensive retinal dialysis with only small areas of connected retina. The first detachment was repaired by another retinal surgeon and those details are not know.

Gwen Cousins (59 months ago)

What was the predisposing factor? reason for total RD, bilateral, in 15 years old boy?

zarali (59 months ago)

And the late postoperative aspect?

Miltonretina (59 months ago)