Single Incision Cataract Surgery with Dr. Trindade

Fernando Trindade, MD prefers single incision (2.2mm) cataract surgery which he demonstrates in this video. The lens he uses most often on his patients is the aspherical ACRYSOF Monofocal IOL.

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excellent surgery with single inscion but needs good control and experience.

iftikharahmed (19 months ago)

How long does it take?

Rogério (41 months ago)

Beautiful! Your excellent technique makes one wonder whether the sideport instrument is really indispensable... Also it's nice to know that someone still trusts and uses the Simcoe's irrigation-aspiration cannula.

phkodial (49 months ago)

A great teacher, as always.

Rozenberg (56 months ago)


rubentorrealba (58 months ago)