Canaloplasty: A Piece of Cake?

John Kearney,MD, and Robert Stegmann, MD, present a overview of the canaloplasty technique for management of glaucoma. They illustrate how canaloplasty works to restore internal filtration of aqueous fluid by enhancing flow across the trabecular meshwork and ensuring patency of Schlemm's Canal with an intracanalicular cinching suture.

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Comments (3)

Well done authers. It seems a safe and least traumatic procedure. However I think there are two difficult areas. One is proper identification of Schlem's canal and the second is to avoid the bending of microcatheter tip during its forward circular motion. How do you manage that.

jugnu (62 months ago)

It looks a very safe surgerical procedure. Obviously long term follow up is required. I will be waiting for 3 and 5 years follow up results to judge further on it. I congratulate the Authors for their effort in making glaucoma surgery safer and more efficient.

GlucaCarifi (63 months ago)

What an amazing op!

Dipa Michali (70 months ago)