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Managing IFIS With OZil and DisCoVisc

The combination of the OZil handpiece, a 45° Kelman Mini-Flared tip (Alcon Laboratories, Inc.), advanced fluidics and OVDs give Dr. Cionni sufficient control in this small pupil, IFIS case. Dr. Cionni opts to prechop the lens prior to initiating micro coaxial phaco.

Comments (5)

Any videos on ifis during flacs?

Dr. castor (13 months ago)

Myulugin ring would be a better choice.

Aziz (35 months ago)

I agree with Tom 100%. If I were doing this case today I would most likely use a Malyugin ring

Bob Cionni (102 months ago)

Viva Malyugin!

thenderson (103 months ago)

seems to me the discovisc did not help at all in dilating the pupil. the surgeon's skill saves the day. i think "lesser" or "regular" surgeons like me would put in hooks to reduce the risk inherent in this kind of case.

ranchump (103 months ago)