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Perspectives on Astigmatism Management

R. Bruce Wallace, III, MD, provides insight into the combination of LRIs and refractive IOLs to achieve optimal visual results. Advantages and disadvantages of alternative means for reducing astigmatism, such as AK or toric IOLs, are discussed as well.

Comments (4)

very informative thanks

Amoolaz (69 months ago)

very interesting

DERAKHSHANA (98 months ago)

Very intersting indeed

dr.Reynders (98 months ago)

2 questions. 1.) does the wallace nomogram take into account cyclotorsion? i.e do you always place the 180 mark at the lateral canthus or should we mark sitting up and then appropriately place the "true" 180 mark. 2.) when doing paired incisions, i noticed you reposition the marker for the other side....why not mark both sides with one positioning i.e when marking the 15 degree axis, why not automatically mark the spot 180 degrees away also... and then place the two additional marks on each side? Thanks for the videos

eyeseyes (101 months ago)