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From Trials to Treatment: The Value of Real-Life Evidence in Retinal Disease

Although randomized, controlled trials remain the gold standard for assessing the efficacy of anti-VEGF agents, real-life evidence (RLE) is becoming increasingly important when making treatment decisions and exploring the long-term effectiveness of anti-VEGFs. Prof. Alex Hunyor discusses the role and value of RLE in retinal disease, while Prof. Jean-François Korobelnik presents the emerging RLE with aflibercept.
Outcomes from clinical trials are often not replicated in real life, most likely due to differences in disease management between clinical trials and clinical practice. Prof. Paolo Lanzetta presents consensus recommendations from the Vision Academy and outlines the four fundamental principles of an optimal anti-VEGF treatment regimen which may result in translation of clinical trial results to the real world.

*EYLEA licensed posology allows for a treat and extend regimen after the first twelve months of treatment.

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