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April 20-22, 2017


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23-25G Chandelier Assisted Biopsy of Choroidal Mass

Dr. Pradeep Venkatesh, Dr. Varun Gogia

Removal of Large Hyperoleon

Dr. Pradeep Venkatesh, Dr. Shreyas Temkar

From Trials to Treatment: The Value of Real-Life Evidence in Retinal Disease

Professor Alex Hunyor, Professor Jean-Fran├žois Korobelnik, Professor Paolo Lanzetta

Computed Tomographic Imaging Spectroscopy

Richard S. Kaiser, MD, Amir H. Kashani, MD, PhD, Jonathan L. Prenner, MD

30 Gauge Needle IOL Fixation

Jonathan L. Prenner, MD

Retina Surgery Without Compromise

Firas M. Rahhal, MD

Slurry Kenalog

Susan M. Malinowski, MD, FACS

25G Melanoma Resection

Dr. Pradeep Venkatesh

Tractional Retinal Detachment After Ruptured Globe Injury

David Ehmann, MD, Michael A. Klufas, MD

Abicipar Pegol in Phase 2

Pravin Dugel, MD

Vitreous Amyloidosis

Marlon Garcia ROA, MD, Renata Garcia, MD

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