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How to Convey Comfort and Confidence. Quickly and Easily.

What should your consultation deliver? What does the prospect expect? Simple techniques can turn minor interest into major income.

Timing is everything. Be prompt. Don't make the prospect wait. Running late? Offer your apologies and a refreshment. Make them feel right at home, right away.

Focus on the prospect. A consultation is more about the prospect than your practice. This is their chance to interview you. To learn about your technology and your team. And your recommendations for their success.

Good candidate? Perform tests that give reasonable certainty whether this is a good candidate for vision correction and whether the front of the eye is healthy. Skip a manifest refraction, a dilated exam or complete review of an informed consent. Provide cautions and risks, select a specific laser or lens procedure. Set expectations.

A consultation should make a prospect feel comfortable and confident. And earn your practice more appointments for surgery.

Courtesy of Alcon Laboratories