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Refractive Prospects - Where Are They? Who Are They?

Target prospects to profit - because not everyone is a candidate for refractive surgery. But who is exactly? Where do you find them? There's prosperity in certain key numbers and groups.

How old? How much income? Adults aged 25-54 with a household income of $50,000+ are likely candidates for refractive surgery. Advertise in areas these people live and work, in the publications they read.

Focus on women. Once you've pinpointed their age and income, target prospects by sex. Talk to the woman of the house. Because more often than not, women make the decisions on family health care matters.

Speak to glasses or contact lens wearers. Contact a mailing list company. Purchase a list of those who have purchased glasses or contacts within the past year. Chances are, they're ready to get rid of both. Send out a mailing - a simple postcard offering a free LASIK consultation.

Instead of reaching out to everyone, target only those that look good for refractive surgery. It can do your bottom line good.

Courtesy of Alcon Laboratories