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What to Avoid in Advertising. What to do Instead.

Say too much and patients will be turned off. Say too little and prospects will be few and far between. But with a little fine-tuning, they'll be knocking down your door.

Don't jam-pack an ad. You have a lot to say. Say it in multiple communications. Keep each ad concise, starting with a clever headline that focuses on the main point, supported by short-and-sweet body copy. Can't write well? Consider a professional advertising or marketing agency.

Never over-promise. Don't overstate the benefits of a procedure or medical device. Keep in mind the FTC guidelines for marketing:

Don't speak ill of your competition. Keep your head high and your integrity intact. Never speak badly of your competition. Monitor what they offer. Tweak your offer slightly if needed. More importantly, be confident and focus on delivering the best service.

Speak in the patient's language, not yours. Use language everyday people can understand. Not doctor-speak or technical lingo. Make it simple. Or risk losing them in the first sentence.

Slow times? Don't cut back. In slow times, advertise more. Because without advertising, you'll undoubtedly be without patients. Advertising not working? Change it up. Don't eliminate it. If it's working well, invest additional dollars to run it more often.

When it comes to advertising, honesty, simplicity and frequency are always the best policy.

Courtesy of Alcon Laboratories