The Impact of Perceptual Learning on Vision Performance

GlassesOff, a mobile app that improves near vision performance and delays or eliminates dependency on reading glasses.

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Game Vision App

Game Vision is a mobile app designed for young athletes to train their sports vision skills. The app was designed by a team of leading neuroscientists in partnership with Nine Time All-Star Chris Paul. It’s a fun and interactive game designed to exercise specific visual parameters for optimal sports vision performance, such as image processing speed, depth perception, vision sharpness, and contrast sensitivity.

Athletes can gain an edge by significantly increasing their image processing speed – an edge that can help them improve real-time analysis of events in order to make decisions on their next moves faster.

The technology behind Game Vision was developed by top neuroscientists and tested with professional athletes. For the first time, young aspiring athletes will be able to access this pioneering technology conveniently through GooglePlay or the AppStore.

Sports Vision

Sports Vision parameters include dynamic visual acuity, image processing speed, tracking, speed of focusing, visual reaction time, and peripheral vision.

The typical reaction time of an athlete to a given event is divided into three sequential activities: (1) visual processing of the event, (2) decision making based on the visual interpretation, and (3) motoric reaction.

Improvement in image processing speed may give the player additional time to make optimal decisions during a game. An improvement in image processing speed can be critical for on-court and on-field performance and is expected to provide athletes with a unique competitive edge. The technology behind Game Vision was designed to improve fundamental image processing speed of athletes by up to 200%.

Scientific Studies

Game Vision uses the remarkable potential of the brain’s ability to adapt to visual input with groundbreaking technology from the fields of neuroplasticity and vision performance. Game Vision’s patented technology enables users to enhance vision performance by improving the image-processing speed of the visual cortex.

Years of research from top scientists and eye care physicians back the science and technology behind Game Vision. Numerous studies show significant improvement across multiple visual performance parameters, including an increase in visual processing speed.

Scientific Studies