Informed Consent

Communication is key—especially between physicians and their patients. How can you be sure you are effectively educating your patients about elective and premium products, diagnostics, and procedures? Listen as Informed Consent gains exclusive insight into how top physicians approach these challenging topics.

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Demonstrate the Value of Omega-3s

Frank Bucci, MD; Sheri Rowen, MD; and Alice Epitropoulos, MD, join Marguerite McDonald, MD, to discuss omega-3 fatty acids and their effect on dry eye disease. Dr. Bucci explains how this nutraceutical can change the composition of a patient's meibum, and Dr. Epitropoulos describes a recently published article demonstrating that oral consumption of omega-3 fatty acids leads to improvement in tear osmolarity. Dr. Rowen highlights the ideal amount of supplementation a patient needs to alleviate dry eye symptoms.


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