Glaucoma Series (13)

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iStent Placement Verification Test

Steven G. Safran, MD

Episode 32: OCT Angiography

Kaweh Mansouri, MD, Steven Vold, MD

Groove and Bent Needle Technique

Paul Palmberg, MD, PhD

Ab Interno Removal of a Malpositioned Ex-Press Shunt

Davinder S. Grover, MD, MPH, Ronald L. Fellman, MD

Kahook Dual Blade

Leonard Seibold, MD

Episode 30: New Microsensors for IOP Monitoring

Burkhard Dick, MD, PhD, Steven Vold, MD

Advances With 24-Hour IOP Monitoring

Kaweh Mansouri, MD, Ranna Jaraha

Placing iStents: Potential Challenges

Steven Sarkisian, MD, Steven Vold, MD

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