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Jay Pepose, MD, Tear Osmolarity in Practice

Jay S. Pepose MD, PhD, director of the Pepose Vision Institute and a professor of clinical ophthalmology and visual sciences at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, talks about the clinical applications of the TearLab Tear Osmolarity test, including its use in the diagnosis of dry eye and for monitoring treatment response. According to Dr. Pepose, the reimbursable and CLIA-waived in-office test provides an objective assessment of the health of the ocular surface that often correlates with patient-reported symptoms.

Dr. Pepose also highlights the importance of using the test during the preoperative work-up of cataract or refractive surgery candidates, so that eyes with suboptimal ocular surface health can either be screened out or treated before moving forward with a procedure. Optimizing the ocular surface prior to surgery, he said, is likely to help patients achieve better postsurgical outcomes.

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