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Repeat IOL Dislocation

Michael Patterson, DO

27Ga Scleral Fixation of Akreos Lens with Gore-Tex Suture

Michael A. Klufas, MD, Pradeep S. Prasad, MD

Accommodating IOL Implantation in Post-LASIK Patients

Robert Weinstock, MD, Zaina Nabil Al-Mohtaseb, MD

Abnormal Tear Osmolarity Prevalence

Marguerite McDonald, MD

New Ectasia Risk Equations

Marcony Santhiago, MD

Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome and Presbyopia Management

Claudia Perez-Straziota, MD, Karolinne Rocha, MD

Using a Laser for Arcuate Incisions

Jason Jones, MD, Mitchell Jackson, MD

Capsular Tension Rings in Eyes With Iris Defects

Kevin M. Miller, MD, Mark Kontos, MD

PEARL for the Correction of Presbyopia

Mark Kontos, MD, Soosan Jacob, MS, FRCS, DNB

Refractive Nightmare During IOL Exchange

Ashvin Agarwal, MD, Christopher E. Starr, MD, FACS

Discussion of the APEX Trial

Arsham Sheybani, MD

Allotex Transform Inlay

Mitchell Shultz, MD, Peter Hersh, MD

A Novel Pupil Expansion Device

Ehud I. Assia MD, Ken Beckman, MD

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